A Heart's Cry

Spoken Psalms of David

"I just finished listening to your CD.  Beautiful, praiseworthy and so eloquent!  As I listened, I couldn't help but feel this is how David intended us to hear his praises of God when he wrote these psalms so long ago.  I had visions of him roaming meadows as he cried out to God, a heart's cry!

 Thank you for sharing this and I will definitely be getting some of these for friends and relatives."
-Joanne C.- Bayport, NY


 "I so-o-o love the special CD you mailed me.  Here is my feedback:  Pure!  Pure and totally undefiled.  It comes like a breath of spiritual fresh clean air.  This beautiful work simply honors ands glorifies God and takes the listener straight into a place of worshipping Him.  As you read the Psalms so beautifully I find it very introspective and soul searching.  Really draws me into seeking Him more fully and exclusively.  Excellent job and very anointed."

-Pearl Corbin- Bronx, NY


" Rudy and Steve have created a masterpiece to accompany any disciple's quiet moments of reflection and prayer, whether in the car, the gym, or in the last moments before falling off to sleep. The Word comes alive as it is read with true devotion and surrounded by a soundtrack that is suited to each of the Psalms perfectly. The fit between the spoken and the instrumental is so good, I wonder if this isn't the actual music King David had playing in his mind when he first wrote them! I love to "sit and soak" in the Word, and Rudy and Steve's album has deepened my experience of waiting on Christ in my quiet moments. Thanks, guys, for your labor produced by love. "

-Roger Erdvig, President, CACC- Patchouge, NY 


 "A Hearts Cry is an excellent prayer/meditation CD. When you listen to this CD, a sense of peace seems to envelope you. My thoughts become clearer and I really sense God’s presence. It is a great way to lead in quiet time. The beauty of the music and the wondrous way the words, all scripture, minister to my heart is incredible. This CD would also minister to anyone who is sick, confused or simply longing for the presence of  God."

-Cheryl R. Carter, Author, Chasing God and the Kids Too!


"Not far into the first track my heart was touched and I cried, as I did a few times throughout. It relaxed me and I felt peaceful at a time when I really needed it.
Your voice was full of the Spirit as well as the music. I loved it!!!

-Susan B.- North Babylon, NY


"What an amazing CD!!!!! My absolute favorite is Psalm 150. I play it over and over again and I can't stop worshipping.

Thank you!!!!"

-Carmen Z.- Athens, TN 


"It was great seeing you again.  I truly enjoyed the CD.  If you get a chance this week, can you drop off 30 for me so I can give them as gifts to our family and the missionaries we support at church."

-Lois A.- Patchouge, NY