A Heart's Cry

Spoken Psalms of David

From Rudy

First, foremost and always to my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. May You be glorified in this work...

To my wife, Elizabeth; to my married daughter Dawn, my son-in-law David and to their little one who is coming soon; to my married daughter Danielle & Joshua and our first grandchild, Samuel; to David, Victoria and Jonathan – for your love & encouragement and for the joy of being your husband, father and grandfather!

To our leadership, Pastors Roy & Marie Esposito and the fellowship at Restoration Christian Fellowship – you guys are awesome!

To Steven Esposito – the music behind the Psalms - what a treasure you are to me and to the body of Christ…

To Tommy G, friend, brother and fellow co-laborer in worship at the Bowery Mission, NYC and the men’s meeting - for putting in order the Psalms of this project…

To Caitlin Gorman - for the album cover.  You truly showed the awesomeness of our God and our heart crying out…

To Lyn Kost – for the graphic design of the album!

To Ben Esposito – for your editorial expertise and for who you are!

To Eric and Dolly Terlizzi – for your unselfishness with the gifts and talents you have from God.  Without you this would not have happened!

To the minstrels of the Kingdom who have influenced and bought me into the Presence of God – John G. Elliott, Don Potter, Jason Upton , Alberto & Kimberly Rivera, Eric & Dolly Terlizzi, Mike Smith ,  Micah Lother (hey Micah, Psalm 97 is for you!), Tommy G and Pastors Roy & Marie Esposito and the worship team at RCF…

To Kay & Julie Hiramine, HISG, Generations of Virtue and the fellowship of Vision for the Nations – your work in and for the Kingdom have so impacted the lives of so many, most importantly, my family!

To Steve & Denise Schedra – Your vision, encouragement, and support brought this project from a Sunday morning sermon to a work that will bless the homeless, widows, and orphans around the world!

To Joanne Curley and John Kreuzburg – for your help with the colors & graphics…

To the Board of NY State Loving Education at Home and all my co-laborers in the Home School community here and around the world.

And finally to you the listener – May you sense the Presence of the Lord in this work as the Word washes over you! Blessings!

From Steven

Steven J. Esposito

acknowledges the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ


“I would have lost heart if not for the goodness of God."


Special Thanks:


To the Pastors of Restoration Christian Fellowship - Roy and Marie Esposito

To Reverend Rudy Hugo and the Hugo Family

To Eric Terlizzi, Tommy G, and Stephen Schedra for spiritual inspiration and technical support

To my niece Sarah Joy Esposito Martin, for the joy and inspiration for the music behind Psalm 42: "Sarah, You're Lovely".

To the anointed musicians of God.
To all the artists and musicians who have influenced my life, novice or professional. I especially recognize Richard Sorrentino, Tony Saliba, and Rick Armani.


And finally, to you the listener I pray:

The Word of God so touched their hearts, lives were changed forever