A Heart's Cry

Spoken Psalms of David

About the Album

In June of 2005, I was invited to speak at our church, Restoration Christian Fellowship. I was not sure what I would speak, so I went to the Lord. As I was in prayer, I felt Him ask, “Do you want me to speak?"  I responded, "Of course, Lord!"  He then directed me to take Psalms that I had done as devotionals for my wife Elizabeth, and to speak them to the devotional music of Eric Terlizzi (www.EricTerlizzi.com).

That Sunday, I spoke the Psalms to Eric’s piano and the Lord visited us. My friend Steve Shedra was so moved, he felt a studio recording should be made, as it would be a blessing to many people. With this inspiration, the project began. I asked Steven Esposito - a brother, incredible musician, and worshipper - to accompany me on this album. We went down to Eric Terlizzi’s studio in North Carolina and recorded “A Heart’s Cry”.  What you hear on this album is myself speaking the Psalms and Steven spontaneously playing keyboard behind me. No sheet music, just spontaneous worship directed to the King! 

As we began the project, the Lord directed that we were to each take 10% and that the remainder would be given to the following ministries: 30% to the Bowery Mission (www.Bowery.org) in New York City, where each month I take 10–20 home school kids to serve the homeless community. I have been blessed to serve there for 12 years and counting. 30% will go to Humanitarian International Service Group (www.HISG.org), a non-profit organization that serves widows and orphans and brings relief to disaster areas around the world. HISG is led by my dear friends Kay Hiramine, Mike McCausland, Rob Mabary, and Michael Mastrodonato. Finally, 20% will go to the ministries of Restoration Christian Fellowship (www.rcf-church.com), where I serve as an Elder and Steven serves on the worship team.

Finally, we would love to hear testimonies of what the Lord would do, as you listen to the Word on this recording. We truly believe that you will enter into the Presence of the Lord!  Please feel free to contact us!


Rudy Hugo - Dadsheart5@aol.com - Steven Esposito - Usreno@yahoo.com. Website: SpokenPsalms.com